Some say that food is the symbol of culture and identity, some say it’s about habit and craving. We think the combination of their perspectives makes the best definition of “what is food”.

As a Vietnamese restaurant, Pho MiMi in Folsom finds a sense of pride in cooking with a strong food culture. Operating a family-owned business for many years, we know the most important thing to make great food is cooking and sharing it with your loved ones. From the day of beginning, our restaurant features authentic Vietnamese dishes and we aim at spreading the deliciousness and our love for “food” to as many people as we can.

At Pho MiMi in Folsom, our chef only uses the freshest ingredients combined with the tasty recipes, which promises to enlighten your taste buds with the dishes you can hardly deny. No matter who you are or where you’re from, you’re always greeted with the warmest welcome. Please accept our invitation to come by and experience the amazing food yourself, we’re looking forward to seeing you!



Making people happy through delicious food.



Accompany your meal with some delicious appetizers such as fresh spring rolls, egg rolls, fried wonton and plenty more.


Enjoy a variety of noodles, from Vietnamese beef noodle soup to rice vermicelli and stir-fry noodles.



Indulge in different stir-fry plates such as General Tsao's Chicken, Mongolian Beef, Lemongrass Tofu, and much more.


Rice is a popular dish in Vietnam, the most prominent type of rice is rib-rammed rice and fried egg


The pictures of excellent food of Pho mimi, Vietnamese food are the best.

Specializing in famous delicious food in Vietnam, please consult. And if you can, please come to our restaurant to enjoy them. Thanks